Video Collection from the Event

See you guys next year (I hope) here is a collection of videos from this years sucessfull event

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Day 1 update Sat 27th Nov 2010

Heres the latest from Tokoroa

“Wow, what a day!

Stunning weather, a really big crowd (probably 35 fliers), a wide range of people, profiles all over the place, Alex wooing the crowd with his 3D skills, great prizes from IFlyRC and Watts-Up, and a *really* unorthodox way of launching Ian’s new push/pull electric that worked out really well.

Lots of food, lots of cold drinks, some hilarious foamie action, an exploding Kyosho Spitfire that emitted a massive plume of smoke — the list of great stuff is too long to list.

Sorry Mat and Weldingrod — I’ll try not to rub it in.

And, CAA says they were chuffed with the way we have organised things and the way people were behaving.

A big win all-round me thinks.

Pictures and video on the way.”

“It was a good day for it. More sunburn than anybody needed, a couple of fragmentary landings (But done in the very best of taste) and even RCMR flying electrically.
The locals have a cunning trick – they have trained myriads of micro flying beasties to wizz into your eyes as you lift off, other beasts race in your ears, and should you attempt to remark on this plague, well, you better not be a vegetarian.
Jacko must have allowed a bit of BMW ‘flu to get into his hangar and several models suffered mysterious maladies. This included an elevon servo that was intermittently slow in one direction. Not your everyday fault, I believe he had a technical word for that type of servo, but I didn’t quite get the spelling.”

And Pictures from Rodger and Bruce

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Latest News from the Event

Friday – the “pre-bro” (real Pro ro starts tomorrow)

The first flyers showed up, all the way from the south island , 15 hour travel time, and were ready to start “hucking” at 7:30 !

From Bruce Simpson

“News from the ProBro…

Jacko, Ampair, Heather, Ian and a South Island contingent have all arrived.

When I left (6:30pm) there was still no sign of Rob, Sarge or that vanload of hardcore fliers but I guess they’ll turn up soon.

Some good flying was had today — light wind straight down the strip, warm temps, plenty of sun.

*lots* of models there already – a trailerload from the South, a vanload from HB and a carload from Jacko.

Can’t wait until tomorrow…

I got some vid but didn’t take any stills — I’ll see what I can post”

“The first eager 3D fliers were there at 7:30am this morning — having traveled all the way from the South Island.

There has been a bit of 3D activity already with foamies and electrics but the real 3D action starts in earnest tomorrow when we break out the heavy-metal. There are Mojos and quite a selection of other profiles here already — plus an 85cc Sukhoi ready to huck low — with other gasers due to turn up tomorrow.

The forecast is for clear skies, warm temps and no wind.”

First Photos

Will post up photos as they come to hand

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Event Details

ProBro Event Details

Fun-Fly Event Details

Accomodation for Both Events

Transport and car pooling

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Tokoroa FunFly and Kiwi 2010 ProBro event

The two events are the “Tokoroa Takeoff” and the “Kiwi 2010 ProBro”.

The event started in the planning stage as the first ever Pro-bro (Profile Brotherhood) meeting in New Zealand. There are a few of us who belong to ,
The Profile Brotherhood is an internet based group of guys and gals who all have a common interest in Flying Profile Style 3D RC airplanes, and flying them as hard as possible.
But, as the saying goes “you a’int a Pro-Bro untill you have been to a Pro-Bro” which means you need to actually attend a Pro-Bro event to be a Pro-Bro
So when Bruce Simpson decided that we just had to hold one this year, a few of us got in behind and said “lets do it”, and thats when the planing for the Kiwi 2010 ProBro.
The website was built ( ) and planning started.
Then Bruce’s “National Model Flying day” idea reappeard, an we realised that this would be a perfect oportunity to make the event alot larger, and encourage participation from all the different aspects of this sport/hobby.
We chatted about this and the name for the event on the ParkFlyers chat room, and Heather from Wattsup in Hastings came up with “Tokoroa Takeoff” , and the name stuck.
Fun is what both of these events are about, two laid back, enjoyable days
The motto is “Bring what you fly – fly what you bring”

Event # 1 – The Tokoroa Takeoff.
This event is a 2 day deal, and flyers can turn up for either or both days.
It is open to NZMAA and non NZMAA pilots. those without their WINGS badge will be required to fly under the supervision of a WINGS badge holder.
We have the space to run multiple flightlines, with enough space to accomodate all flyers, and keep the diferent types seperate. This will help make it a safe enviroment for all, especially the newer pilots.
We have enough “old hands” on site , both for Glo and Electric to help out with any model related problems and tuning
All classes of RC Flying craft are encouraged to come along, we have 850 meters of sealed runway and 1000 meter of grass, more than enough room to accomodate as many as we can. DLG’s, Heli’s, Foamie’s, and 40% scale gassers are all welcome
Depending on what entrants we recieve, we will run “fun” compeditive events during the days, such as Combat, Pylon, Glider, etc , but the real emphasis of the weekend’s flying will just be flying for fun, making new friends, and having a good chat with fellow model-fliers.
There will be a few demos done, including a few Pulsjet flights.
We will be attempting to set a New Zealand record for the most models in the air at one time, be part of this attempt !
BBQ – there will be a bit of a BBQ on the saturday nite.

Event #2 the Kiwi 2010 ProBro
Running alongside is the ProBro event, for the dedicated hardcore 3D huckers, these are guys who love to fly “Profile” style planes, doing all the tricks in the book (and a few more).
More importantly, the ProBro is all about getting together with you mates and like minded people and just having fun, and Fun is what both of these events are about, two laid back, enjoyable days
Even if you are not “into” 3D profile flying, this is a good chance to see what its all about

There will be a $10 Registration fee per pilot to help cover costs for the SWMAC in the use of facilities etc , the $10 covers both days.
Kiwi 2010 ProBro -We are organising Teeshirts and looking at supplying PBF’s (Pizza Box Flyers) at cost, but would like a show of hands by the beginning of October to finalise the order. I will email every one who signs up for the ProBro with Teeshirt and PBF prices
Public – public are encouraged to attend, so put your best PR hat on and help us promote this sport/hobby

There is a motel just down the road, and a motor camp not to far away. There is some sleeping room at the Tokoroa Airfield, on a first come/first served basis

There are toilets on site, and Bruce advises me there is an electric Jug available – pure Luxury ! Power will be available for the Electric flyers, and Glo fuel available on site.

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What happens at Tokoroa ?

This weekend Just gone, myself and my daughter drove over to Tokoroa for an impromptu fly-in , organised on the Parkflyers site as a preliminary to a Fly-in event later in the year.

Anyway , we drove over, leaving Hawera at 5am, arriving at Tokoroa just on 9am, the drive was frosty, -7 thru bennydale.

Chris J, Siang and Gordon all drove down from Auckland, Heather and Ian from WattsUp in Hastings drove over as well, and we all met up with the local SWMAC club members

Great day, few crashes (me), great combat flying (superflys and Yaks), 3D action, one turbine jet, some very fast ritewings and hotliers/pylon racers.

I also had 3 flights on the AT40 trainer, with 1400 watts of electric power, couldnt keep up with Bruces nitro powered AT40, theres always next time

Below are some videos from the day

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Tokoroa Takeoff

Well, the 2010 Kiwi ProBro has growen into a bigger event, open to all RC Flying Models.

The ProBro is being run as a sub-event for the hard-core 3D flyers !

The “Tokoroa Takeoff” promises to be an unmissable , and fun event for everyone who flys RC.

The aim is to be the bigest fun-fly in New Zealand and have this as an annual event. We aim to use this event as a platform to promote the hobby/sport and encourage new flyers to join.

The Event is being hosted by the SWMAC on their 850meter long sealed runway at the Tokoroa Airfield

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