Car Pooling

Lets get everyone together for car pooling.

Rob Moody, owner of Phlatkits and head honcho over at Parkflyers (NZ’s bestest RC forum) is Hiring a van to travel down in.

If you want to join Rob, or are taking a car with seats to spare, or are looking for a ride, post up in the comments below

Edit Rob : See my comment below for details. Feel free to grab me on Parkflyers my nick is kneedrag if you want to reserve your seat.


8 Responses to Car Pooling

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  3. kneedrag says:

    I will be leaving Friday afternoon sometime and returning Sunday evening. Will be hiring a minivan and depending on the numbers aim for the bigger one. So if you want a relaxed trip down let me know. Rough cost will be $80 per day plus fuel so 3day for the standard van if we go to the bigger one it will be $105 per day plus fuel. Unlimited km’s. This will be split by the number of people in the van.

    Let me know as soon as possible as I would like to reserve the van before they all get booked.

    I will be traveling up from Waiuku to Auckland and then back down to Tok so I can pick most people up at there homes if need be.

  4. Roger says:

    I have an 8 seater minivan, but I’m already half way there in Cambridge…
    If there are any Waikato locals who want to head down there will be some spare seats, not sure how many yet as some of my children may want to come down with me. FYI you can only drive up to 12 seats including driver without having to have a PSV licence, and the if the driver is being paid to be the driver, then PSV licence also reqd.
    You may also want to book a trailer for carrying any models as there will not be much space left if you are taking a full vehicle down with luggage as well. My Nephew may like to come down from Auckland for the event, however that is dependant on when his school exams are – and they take priority of course…

  5. kneedrag says:

    Good thing the biggest van to hire is a 12 seater. Will be leaving some seats free for models so if we grab the 8-9 seater will only take 5 people rest for packing if we grab the bigger 12 seater only 8 people etc. Forgot to say let me know how many models you are bringing with and bags etc. So we can plan the packing space.

    As for getting paid nah this is purely cost sharing the only people profiting out of this are the hire company. I am hiring it regardless as I need transport. Seems a shame to waste spare seats. Trailer may be an option depending on demand/cost I will ask the hire company if they have trailers I think they do if I remember correctly.

  6. Roger says:

    actually scratch that… my van just S**t its gearbox…. B****y cars I might as well just poor my money into an open pit!

  7. Roger says:

    Did I mention that I had the gearbox fixed… Be down there at 10am today… still got spare seats if anyone wants a ride from Cambridge

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